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Centricut - Plasma

Centricut is a Hypertherm® brand of consumables for plasma and laser systems that delivers superior cutting performance at the lowest overall cost.


The Centricut product advantage.

Exclusive service offerings

• Technical support on all brands
• Free phone support
• Product training and sales tools

Centricut Advantages:

All products come with a 100% guarantee and meet or exceed quality standards on all system types.

• All major brands are offered at competitive pricing.
• Centricut consumable life will match or exceed the competiton.

Consumables for the following major brands:

Innerlogic (Kaliburn)

Thermal Dynamics


SilverLine electrode technology for ESAB, InnerLogic, Kjellberg and Komatsu

SilverLine electrodes involve welding a solid silver front-end to a copper electrode base and inserting a hafnium pin into the silver. Silver front-end electrodes offer several advantages over traditional copper designs:

1) The hafnium-silver bond is stronger, allowing a deeper pit depth in the hafnium as the electrode is used.

2) The heat transfer properties of silver and silver oxides are superior which improves heat dissipation during use and slows the rate of hafnium wear.

Both of these benefits combine to prolong electrode life and lower the cost of cutting.


CoolFlow nozzle technology for InnerLogic ProLine2200

CoolFlow nozzles are designed for long service life and better heat transfer, using state-of-the-art computer modeling to analyze the cooling water flow and heat transfer from the plasma arc.

1) Solid head — improves conduction cooling and excellent shield alignment.

2) Setback seal — the o-ring is positioned out of the hot zone for improved sealing reliability and robustness to leaks.

3) Cooling curve — the optimized cooling groove is designed to minimize coolant stagnation and maximize convective cooling to keep the nozzle and seal cool.

4) Back seal – extra o-ring at rear face of nozzle protects against leaks.


Low amp nozzle for

This two piece nozzle allows rebuild options as well as narrower kerf and less bevel angle than standard nozzles.


Extended life nozzle base for
ESAB PT-19XL, 19XLS and PT-600

The extended life nozzle base lasts
significantly longer than solid copper bases and improves nozzle tip cooling.

This unique design allows water to flow through the nozzle base – improving cooling of the nozzle tip and threads.

Brass is used for interior and exterior threads to improve durability and eliminate thread-seizing problems.


Modular torches
for ESAB PT-600

This modular torch provides users with the option of easily replacing the insulator assembly and insulating tube kit resulting in reduced downtime and cost
effective field repairs.

Also available is the rear main body assembly with unique threaded and glued sleeve-toshell locking design.


Fully loaded torches for ESAB PT-15XL, PT-19XL, 19XLS and PT-600

These torches include the extended life nozzle base and SilverLine electrodes to provide optimum performance. They feature a unique threaded and glued sleeve-to-shell locking design that improves long term alignment of torch components and overall service life of the torch.